Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What is contributing to under achievement in Maths? - What do we do to help ESOL students?

What is contributing to under achievement?

 Talk Moves - I used a lot of 'rephrasing', 'revoicing' and 'repeating'. Almost everyone in my class are ESOL students and I know that they need extra help to achieve in Maths because it is another langauge to learn.

If a child talked incorrectly or incompletely, I would rephrase it correctly and then asked them to repeat. I did this everytime I worked with a group and I have noticed how much it helped increasing their confidence in Maths.

Here are some examples of some of the things that I have noticed and attended to.

I believe that Specific teaching and specific saying of words correclty would enable students to see the differences between numbers, and therefore allow them to make connections with their prior knowledge (what they have already known in their own language). 

We did this everyday as warm ups - we either use 'number talk' or 'concrete materials' to help explaining the meaning of each number.

Mathematical language/vocabulary is to be spoken clearly, and presented in different ways.  Visual representations of numbers as well as words, such as ten frames, dices, flash cards and sticks; are some of the examples that I used in my classroom.

Recently I made a 'Maths Wall'. I created this with my students and the idea is for them to see it and use it when ever they need it. If we forget a word or a number, we are looking at our Maths Wall for that particular word. I believe that this will also make my students feel success. I want them to feel that they can do Maths and they will be good at it. 

Using of 'Talk Moves' enables ESOL students to hear the language used in class correctly by the teacher, and giving them so many opportunities to practice would help them accelerate. Repetition is one of the key strategies that ESOL students use to learn effectively. 

We are doing in class and students know that I expect them to repeat what I have said or someone else has said if they are not sure of how to say it. 

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