Friday, 17 March 2017

Sentence Stems and Prompts - Increase Student Talk

Weeks 5-7

Goal:  Students are beginning to talk with confidence once they are gifted with correct Mathematical language to use. I will use TESSOL scaffolding practices (sentence frames and prompts) to support student to create and share in authentic contexts.

These are the sentence stems and prompts that I will be using in class during Maths lesson to encourage encourage student talk and increase their confidence in explaining their thinking.


Indicators of progress
(What I’m looking for that shows I’m making a difference to student progress)
  • Increase student engagement
  • Students using key vocabularies confidently
  • Lots of student talk
  • Increase confident to work independently whether with the ipad or any other types of activities
  • Students produce an art or movie on what they have learned.

Using sentence stems was successful for some students but not all. Sentence stems gave students starting point and an idea to focus on when thinking. At the end of the four weeks, I got to evlauate this and here are my findings.

Weeks 5-8
  • Hands-on activities (as in our IOL program and using of real life problems LINK) lead on to increase student engagement.
  • Some students are able to use key vocabularies by repeating some rephrasing sentences from the teacher  
  • Increasing their confident to work leads to being able to participate in a role play and speak with confidence  
  • Some of the sentence stems are too hard for some students to use so I need to be selective of which one to use otherwise rephrase them.

Now that student talk has increased and students participated and contributed a lot -
waiting time is something to work on. Students to work on waiting their turn, and teacher on giving enough time for the child to respond.

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