Monday, 21 May 2018

Phonemic Awareness - helps students to write their story without stopping.

After 3 weeks of using 'sentence frame' I found this problem; my students would stop in the middle of their sentence if they do not know how to write an unknown word. They would stop and would never continue.

My hunch therefore for the next three weeks is:

Support students to hear and record sounds using jingles and rhymes for 20 minutes every day, and clap hands during writing to hear and record sounds. Will this help my students to write confidently without stopping?

I need to give my students some strategies to help them to keep on writing even if they don't know how to spell a word.

Students need to have develped phonemic awareness and to understand that there is a relationship between spoken sounds and the letters that represent them. They also need to learn and know all letters with their associate sounds. I hope that this would help them to record letters for the sounds they hear of any unknown words.

What I have plan to do is to use clapping as a strategy for my students to use and practice a lot to help them fluent with their writing. I am also using 'quick60 program' which is a program that also supports the same thing.

Here is a video of how quick60 works and that's what I have been doing. I hope this would help teachers out there who have the same kind of inquiry as I do.

Use this LINK to read more about Phonemic Awareness if you want more. 


  1. Hi Viena, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your practice in this way. It is so helpful to learn from your expertise. I remember using the clapping method you describe, with success, when teaching in the islands in the '80s. It is great that you are sharing practical how-tos through video, as well as readings around this idea.

    1. Thank you, Dorothy. I am glad that you find it helpful, and pleased that it was a success when using it in the islands. I am trying my best at all times to show what i do in class in a clear way so others could learn or do what ever with it. Thank you.