Monday, 6 February 2017

Glenbrae Teaching as Inquiry Framework

Glenbrae Teaching as Inquiry Model

For my professional Inquiry I will be following Glenbrae Teaching as Inquiry Model. 

This means that teachers will have to gather evidence at the beginning of the year and during the year about their targeted students. Gathering evidence includes analysing data from previous year or latest assessment data, observation notes, and looking at students' works. 

Teachers will then have to make plans -  based on what they have gathered and observed - what can we do to help our targeted students accelerate their learning and to achieve what have set for in our inquiry focus (includes Teaching Practice). At Glenbrae we make short term plans hypothesise (hunch) (normally for 3-4 weeks).

At the end of every third week, teachers gathered evidence again on their students performance, analyse and share - what happened as a result of the changes of their own teaching practice. 

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