Monday, 24 July 2017

Term 3 #1 Hunch


New Entrants don't know how to explain their thinking, they need the Mathematical language as most of them are ESOL students. Therefore for me, I need to be deliberate about the way I introduce, use, and reinforce mathematical terms. I will be incorporated mathematical vocabulary in my planning as key focus in the day-to-day teaching of Maths. I will be using these TESSOL strategies (Frontloading, Maths Wall & Number Talk) to teach students with correct maths vocabs and how to use them.
Indicators of progress

More student talk
Improve deeper thinking
Increase using of Mathematical language
Able to solve a Mathematical Problem using either count all or count on with materials 
Know numbers to 1-2 and be able to make/form a set of them correctly
Attempt working collaboratively with a friend or the whole class
Able to use ipad to record their work

Four of my target students are talking in Maths and using appropriate language to explain their thinking
Using NUMBER TALK enables students to think deep.
Work on: teach chn how to use ipad to record their work
- Working collaboratively with a friend
- Encourage thinking independently first before talking with their buddy

At the end of Term 2 - I have tested my target students and here are the results.

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