Monday, 26 February 2018

Quick60 Alphabets Program - An Opportunity to increase students' ability to record a sentence.

Will using Quick60 program everyday increases students’ ability
to identify letters & their sounds, and increase number of words recognised?

Teaching & Learning
Quick60 for 40 minutes everyday
Take 10 target students for this program
Introduces one new word a day
Read and Write a sentence through dictation
Formation of one letter a day

Indicators of progress
Increase ability to identify names & sounds of letters
Increase number of HF words recognized
Attempt to use  known words in reading and writing
Increase participation in class discussion

Checkpoint & Reflection
Weeks 4 - 6
- Story behind each letter helps children to remember names and their associated sounds
- Uses simple language in forming of letters (short stick, circle, long stick etc)
however I think this is important to look at / inquire independently
-dictation is a bit too hard for the children, not a familiar activity - therefore I need to do this more often, and put a focus on it
-quick60 must be done everyday - repetition is very helpful
-quick60 books helps expand knowledge and experiences of chn
-the structure of the program is very good. It helps with reading as well as writing.

Will using dictation help my children's spelling?
Will writing/forming letters correctly increase my children's ability/passion to record a sentence?

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