Friday, 2 March 2018

Knowing The Learner - 2018 (Target Students!) - How did I gather my evidence?

My target students are 10 Year 1 students who have been at school for 1 or 2 terms. These are the oldest children in class and they have positive and some understanding towards their learning.  Five children are Maori and the rest are Pasifica. 

The chart below shows the evidence of what I have collected and gathered about each child. At the beginning of the year we tested these kids with JAM (Maths), Running Record, and Easttle Writing to identify levels of achievement per subject for each child. 

I also have done a lot of observations during classtime and outside during lunch and morning tea time. I used the information that I have observed together with the assessment data to write down strengths and gaps for each child. I believe that each child has qualities / strengths and it is important to know those before setting goals as well as the assessment data.

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