Friday, 16 March 2018

Will using Dictation help my children's spelling?

Will using 'dictation' help my children's spelling?

Teaching & Learning
Through Quick60 program - dictation is done everyday
Dictate letters, words & one sentence a day

Indicators of progress
(what I’m looking for that shows I’m making a difference to student progress)
- gives my student a chance to practice newly learned words in context
- review old spelling word / letter in a meaningful way
- increases my student's confident to write a sentence independently.

After 7-8 weeks
- definately gave my students an opportunity to practice newly learned words everyday
- noticed students ability to form letters correctly are very poor
- some students are not able to hold pencil correclty
- because most students are taking long time to form letters correctly, writing a sentence
also takes forever.

Things I have learned:
  1. Teacher dictates a phrase or sentence
  2. Student repeats the phrase or sentence
  3. Student writes the phrase or sentence
  4. Student proofreads what he wrote
Will writing/forming letters correctly increases my children's ability to record their sentence quickly down without loosing the words?

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