Monday, 6 March 2017

Teachers with high expectations in Maths

Through further Maths PLD I have realised that it is important to have high expectation for my students - children's performance in Maths can be influenced by teachers' expections. 

What do teachers with high expectations do?

Mixed ability groupings enable student talk. Students in my class were beginning to explain their thinking though I thought that they are too young. Students were learning from each other - they became friends with each other and so they were not shy to say however they solve a Maths problems. 

Well-defined learning goals is something that I do now. I used to do this before and I thought that children are too young to understand it. I have realised that children will understand if I made the goals specific and simple to be understood.

Responsibility for learning is something that I have started doing. It was ok at the beginning because it helped in managing some of the unexpected behaviours. But it did not last because consistency was not there. This is something that I will go back try doing it again. 

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