Friday, 14 April 2017

Rub off dictation - 'students to remember their story'

Students are not talking in Reading and Writing neither hold a story in their head for a while so I decide to use IOL (Intensive Oral Language) and some TESSOL scaffolding practices (such as Rub off dictation & verb story) to increase their ability to talk and hold an information in their head long enough to record it down.

In the ESOL online website I found these TESSOL strategies and I think they will help not only to increase student talk in class but also their ability to write at the end of the next four weeks.

First, we co-construct a story (whole class)and then use 4, 3, 1 strategy for students to repeat the story 3 times to three different friends. 

Teacher starts rubbing off some high frequency words one by one.  Students are therefore need 

Indicators of progress
(what I’m looking for that shows I’m making a difference to student progress)
  • Increase in student talk
  • Improve ability to write more than one word in a sentence
  • Increase confident to use variety of verbs in their story/talk
  • Increase students verbs knowledge
  • Improve in student waiting for their turn.

At the end of the four weeks, this is what I have found. And here are some of the results of their work from their work books.

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