Friday, 14 April 2017


Evaluation & Sustainability: How will you sustain the habits that are promoting success for your students?
I will continue using the 5 talk moves to facilitate discussion whenever I do Maths problem solving and use the 5 talk moves in other curriculum areas as well such as reading and writing. I will also get students to make connections between different strategies used in the earlier stage of learning e.g. using prior knowledge in Reading, Writing and Topic Studies to make connections to what they are learning. I will also encourage students to work collaboratively and talk about numbers in Maths and letters & words in Reading and Writing. Continue using TESSOL strategies such as Verb stories, cut up sentences and Rub off dictation to increase student engagement and confident in work independently in term 2.

What did you learn as a teacher / what surprised you?
The importance of using talk moves and also how effective it can be using mixed ability groups so that students learn from each other.
I also found that the use of some TESSOL strategies and more group worthy tasks at this age group allows greater collaboration by students. The use of number talks & subitizing also helped to get lots of discussion around numbers during Maths lessons.

I used talk moves in reading and writing especially when doing IOL program and it increased not just student talk but the quality of talk that they made. Wait time was very important and prompting them to add on was also vital though I still need to work harder on this next term.

I tried to use more than one modes of communication to make learning more meaningful to students. We used lots of pictures, flash cards, ipads, listening activities and some written language activities and students were engaged and also made so much progress within this term. Four of my target students have moved 6 levels up. I need to continue using same modes of communication next term.

How will you transfer your new learning to other students / curriculum areas?  
I will  use mixed ability groups in Reading and Writing and also use collaboration and the 5 talk moves and number/ word wall in all curriculum areas. Next term I will get students to repeat what others are saying - this will improve their listening skills and engagement, and encourage students to ask and answer questions and to explain their own and others’ learning. With Writing, next term I will focus on how to scaffold students writing - we will follow these steps - shared writing, interactive writing, guided writing then independent writing. I will continue to use more than one modes of communication in all areas.

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