Monday, 1 May 2017

Term 2 #1 Hunch


I will use these TESSOL strategies (4,3,2 & cut up sentences as well as Vanishing dictation) to scaffold student talk & writing for student to create and share independently.

Indicators of progress
- all students will participate in terms of talk
- minimal teacher talk and more student talk
- students to elaborate their sentences a bit more
- confident in recording their sentences down

IOl lifts the quality of student talk in class - some students begin to ealborate their sentence or their idea
Some students are beginning to show confidence in leading a coversation or a group discussion. I believe this happens because how much information and vocabs being introduced to them through IOL
Vanishing cloze and 4,3,2 helped students to hold their idea in their head for a while before recording in their book.

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