Monday, 22 May 2017

Term 2 #2 - Hunch

I will use TESSOL strategies such as LISTEN UP and WORD WALL to support my students' language development and deeper reasoning. This will enable everyone to participate in discussion and write a full sentence independently.
Indicators of progress

- all students will elaborate their sentence more
- write more than one sentences
- students will write their own sentences using known words correclty and record unknown words using letters with confidence.

- Increase in quality of student talk - some can elaborate more and use topic words correclty
- All students have attempted to write their own sentence down. Still need to work around this. Need to do a lot of 4,3,2 so students know their story well before recording it down.
- students can record more than one letter for unknown words. Sight words are recorded correctly
- Continue 4,3,2 & cut up sentences & vanishing cloze - holding a sentence in their head for a while will always be goal for now.

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