Monday, 1 May 2017

Cut Up Sentences

I will use  these TESSOL strategies (4, 3, 2 & vanishing cloze & cut up sentences & IOL) to scaffold student talk & writing for student to create and share independently.


One of the stories that students had to create while in the photo talk session in IOL.

IOL  lifts the quality of student talk in class - some students begin to elaborate their sentence or their idea.

Some students are beginning to show confidence in leading a conversation or a group discussion - I believe this happens because how much information and vocabs being introduced to them through IOL.

Cut up sentences is something to continue because students are learning about features of a sentence, new words and build confidence towards writing a story independently.

I have noticed that all my target students have improved their abilities to write. They are all able to hold their ideas in their head for a while before recording it.

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