Monday, 21 August 2017

Talk Moves & ESOL students

Talk Moves is a tool that we use at our school to help increase student talk academically. It is a tool that I really like to use with ESOL students especially. Like I have mentioned before in my other posts, learning Maths language for ESOL students is learning ANOTHER language. It is a foreign language and us, teachers must use a tool that enables our learners (ESOL students) to talk more, think deeper, and explain their thinking with confident.


How to use Talk Moves and why?

Talk Moves is the only tool that I use in Maths because it goes along well with Problem Solving Approach in Maths. I have realised so many good reasons why using Talk Moves. One of them and I think it is important is learning from each other. Students are building their confidence when making mistakes. They learn to work collaboratively with a friend as part of this process.

At the end of this year, I believe my learners will:
- increase the ability to talk in Maths
- improve deeper thinking due to using of revoice, friendly disagree or agree and add-on.
- increase using of Maths language correctly
- work collaboratively with a friend and share ideas

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