Friday, 6 April 2018

Check-Point #3 - After 3 weeks of using some new strategies to increase fluency & quality in letter formation and writing

What exactly happened in class with my students?  
Chn were writing so slowly due to not being confident with forming letters fluently.
And because they were slow to form letters correctly, they were also slow to write 
their story. As a result, most chn wouldn't be able to complete their task because of 
that. Some chn recognised a lot of words easily but very hard to remember when 
writing a story.

How did I do it in class?
Practice handwriting almost daily
Practice Writing daily
Allow chn to practice writing in the morning before school starts
Integrated lessons - practice letters in any subject area

Critique (Pros & Con) - Final Thought
After 7-8 weeks
- children needs a lot of practice - they need to practice forming letters in different
ways - therefore this inquiry is ongoing.
- holding the pencil correctly is so important - this was particularly hard to
change some kids' habit
- teaching the child to sit still in a position that is going to help with the formation of
letters correctly is also improtant.
- children can also practice letters from home
- it is good to let kids practice on anything - lined papers or not, concrete or white
boards etc.
- this strategy helps only a few of target students. Some needs longer time to
practice due to other factors.

Important Tips - Next Steps
- Always have your child start out writing lowercase letters. This is important because
when they start to read, most of the words are in lowercase letters.
- Remind your child to use their “helper hand,” opposite of their writing hand,
to stabilize the page and hold it down while they write.
- Help them have correct and proper pencil grip. This may take some practice,
but is key to writing letters.
- Ensure your child is sitting at the right size of table with their feet flat on the floor to
create the stability needed to move their eyes and hands with precision.

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