Friday, 13 April 2018

Evaluation & Sustainability - Term 1 2018

How will you sustain the habits that are promoting success
for your students?
Continue to use 'dictation' - through Quick60, Maths, Inquiry topics and Reading. I will make sure that dictation happens twice or three times a day.

Quick60 program will continue. We have completed the alphabets part, next part is reading. The structure is similar and I believe my students will be able to adapt and do better.

I will make handwriting a big focus and include that in my writing tumble for term 2. I will take workshops for children who are still unable to form letters correctly with confident. I believe that knowing how to form letters correctly helps in the future to write a sentence quickly and correctly.

What did you learn as a teacher / what surprised you?

The power of 'dictation'. It was hard at the beginning because my students were
not familiar with words, letters and sentences. But I am impressed with the end result of
some of the dictation activities that we did.

Quick60 program - focused was on identifying names & sounds of letters of the alphabets.
It helped most of my children to remember the letter formation as well. I really like this
program because it is structured and organised.

How will you transfer your new learning to other students / curriculum areas?  
- adjust class timetable so I could have two quick60 groups next term
- all my new entrants will be using cut-up sentences rather then copying sentences
written by the teacher.
- continue to use TALK MOVES - for children to hear and practice saying academic (unfamiliar)
language correctly.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Viena. It is so valuable to hear from our colleagues about their practice and reading your own evaluation and next steps is helpful. I am interested that you are using Quick60. Do you have connections with other colleagues who are doing this too?