Wednesday, 2 May 2018

What's going on in class with my students? - dictation and quick60

Last term, I said that I will continue doing few things in the second term. And I thought I'll update what I am doing at the moment regarding those ideas. 

First one would be the dictation. Here are some photos of what we're doing in class at the moment. 

And a link from youtube if you want to really look at how some teachers are doing it. It is good to have seen a variety of ways. Hope this might help you.

Secondly, I said that I will continue using Quick60 program. Right now, there are two groups running in my class. One is a reading group, and the other one is an alphabet group. The alphabet groups are the new students who have started school in the middle of term 1, and the reading group are the ones who have completed the alphabet program.

Last focus was on handwriting. This is an ogoing work because it has to be done everyday and for all letters of the alphabets. I can see progress starting from how chn hold their pencils to how they form letters, and I am very proud of them. 


Using of TALK MOVES is also ongoing. I once focus on making sure that children repeats each others' ideas as a way of encouraging them to talk and participate. Term 2, my focus will be on WAITING TIME. I will be asking colleagues to observe and give me feedback on how much time that I give a child to process his/her answer. 

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