Monday, 11 June 2018

Descriptive words - students' writing will be more interesting and full of details...

I believe that with movement, students learn faster and remember things easier than trying to learn without. For example, clapping of hands is a movement that helps students to remember and identify the sounds of unknown words easily.....WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Clapping of hands is now a strategy that students in my class use to record sounds of new words that they cannot spell.

Not everyone know how to do this but most students are doing it and others are copying what others are doing. This will continue to be a focus for all students to use and I will make sure that it will be reminded and used.

However, I want my students to improve the quality of their writing now that they can write without stopping. Most students' sentences are basic and in the next three weeks, I will be focusing on this hunch:

Will emphasizing on descriptive words when reading a story; and encouraging an attitude of playfulness and sense of fun around new topics help students gain mastery over aspects of using descriptive words in their writing?

What are my deliberate actions? How am I going to do this...

Read a book 5 times a day repeatedly - look at each character and discuss some words from the book that describe the particular character
(develop students’ ability to describe something using their own words)

Create a word wall particularly with adjectives along with pictures

5 - 10 mins before writing - learn through play - do hands on activities (eg. winter - we may have to walk around outside - identify descriptive words - use sensory.)

Model writing a shared story - emphasize on using descriptive words (use 'sentence frame' to help students with creation of their story)

Follow this routine; - shared writing - guided writing - independent writing

What I’m looking for that shows I’m making a difference to student progress....

Increase students' word and vocabulary recognition

Students’ writing will be more interesting and full of details

Encourages students to use new vocabulary words

Increase students’ ability to clarify their understanding of new topics

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